Become A Member Of The IDJA

Paid Membership Benefits Include:

Member Listing On I.D.J.A. Website - As a paid member, your DJ business will be listed and advertised on this website along with your contact information for potential clients looking to hire an I.D.J.A. disc jockey.

Private I.D.J.A. Facebook Page Access - In addition to our public I.D.J.A. Facebook page, we have a private group page on Facebook exclusively for I.D.J.A. members.

I.D.J.A. Rating - All Indiana Disc Jockeys in our state-wide database have a 0-10 star rating. All I.D.J.A. members, (excluding Radio members, Associate members & Affiliate members), will rank between 1-10 stars based on their current standing, contributions and achievements in the I.D.J.A. community. Only non-member / (amateur), DJs will have a 0-star rating.

Regional Network Member - The I.D.J.A. is comprised of 10 regions in Indiana. Our members are also a local member of their region and county making their networking experience more beneficial.

I.D.J.A. Member Certificate - An official membership certificate is issued each year to paid members showing that you are a member of the Indiana Disc Jockey Association. This certificate can be proudly displayed, showing your name, membership identification number and current effective date. It also is embossed with the official seal of the I.D.J.A.

I.D.J.A. Badge (Logo) License / Lease (For Your Website) - Only I.D.J.A. paid members are authorized to display the official I.D.J.A. membership badge on their website and social media pages. The I.D.J.A. badges (logos) are registered service-marks with the Indiana Secretary Of State and are the exclusive intellectual property of The Indiana Disc Jockey Association. Any unauthorized use or display of any I.D.J.A. logo without a proper lease or license from the I.D.J.A. may be legally prosecuted.

Eligibility For I.D.J.A. Competitions - Each year the I.D.J.A. will hold friendly competitions among our members, in each region, for such categories as Best DJ Ensemble, DJ Vehicle, Creative Business Card, Best Light Show, Best Video Display, Best Website, Best Business Logo, Trussing ... and more! All regional winners will compete for Best in State awards. The I.D.J.A. will be presenting personal achievement awards at their yearly meeting or convention, such as “The Presidents Award”, “DJ Of The Year” and “The Founder’s Award” to our members that best exemplify the standards of excellence set forth by the I.D.J.A.

DJ Classified Ads & DJ Swap Shop - Our DJ swap shop & classified advertisements where members can post advertisements for employment, to buy, sell or trade equipment or any proper means of networking with other DJ members in your region or statewide.

Statewide DJ Networking - As an I.D.J.A. member, you will be able to meet and interact with other Indiana DJs and create working relationships, giving you access to "friends" in all parts of Indiana. This is a very helpful asset for members who travel throughout different regions of Indiana. Imagine having access to other members in case of emergencies at an event or on the way to or from your home base. The I.D.J.A. will create networking opportunities for its members.

Bloomington Indiana DJ

I.D.J.A. Voting Privileges Paid members will have voting privileges on certain I.D.J.A. awards, policies, member issues and convention activities.

Eligibility To Become An I.D.J.A. Charter Member - There are 30 stars that line the outer area of the I.D.J.A. badge (logo). Each star will represent a charter member. Each charter member will sign the actual I.D.J.A. Charter (document) creating the existence of the I.D.J.A. You will also receive a personal copy of this charter showing you and your business were a charter member of the Indiana Disc Jockey Association. Charter members are lifetime positions. Claim your star and your piece of Indiana DJ history.

Eligibility To Be Featured As A Spotlight Member On The I.D.J.A. Website - Each week we feature one of our members on the I.D.J.A. home page. The spotlight feature of your business gives you additional exposure to our members and potential clients looking to hire an I.D.J.A. disc jockey.

Potential DJ Client Leads & Referrals - Inquiries to the I.D.J.A. for DJ referrals will be available to all of our members and directed to our DJs within each county or region from where the potential client inquiry originates. Most regions cover an 8-11 county area, so our paid members will receive these client leads. Securing just one event from an I.D.J.A. lead will pay for your membership for several years.

Hall Of Fame - The I.D.J.A. has a Hall Of Fame to recognize prominent disc jockeys for their years of service and contributions to the Indiana Disc Jockey industry. Hall Of Fame inductees will be chosen each year by the members from within the organization. Joining the I.D.J.A. and accumulating years within the association will increase your eligibility.