What is the IDJA?

We are an Indiana-based association of professionals working congruently to advance and promote the integrity and importance of the professional DJ and various entertainers in all regions of Indiana and surrounding areas that serve this state. 


Can You Help Me Find A DJ?

Most definitely, this is one of our main objectives! We strive to promote business for our members while putting you in contact with the type of personal and professional DJ service you are looking for.










About The I.D.J.A.

The Indiana Disc Jockey Association is the original and official Professional DJ Association within the State of Indiana, established in 2018. The IDJA is a limited liability company, registered and recognized by the Secretary of State for Indiana. 

The I.D.J.A. Executive Founders

Brian Crist

Hoosier DJ Services


Brian Oden

Oden Entertainment


Kendrick Shadoan

KLS Digital


Steve Johnson

Synthesis Entertainment


Rob Meadows

Bright Night Entertainment


Slade Smith




Randy Alomar

Alomar Entertainment


Ken Bajdek

All Pro DJs


Aaron Melvin

DTP Entertainment


Matt Howell

Howell's DJ Service


Joe Christian

Arrested Sounds


Andrew Vaughn

A. Vaughn Entertainment


Russ Evans Jr.

Digital Sounds


Our Logo / Badge

The Indiana Disc Jockey Association logo proudly recognizes our State Of Indiana and represents our founding / charter members.

The color of gold is to represent a standard of excellence.

The gold torch is a symbol of liberty and enlightenment as displayed on the Indiana State Flag.


There are 20 gold stars surrounding the torch to symbolize our 20 founding members.

The rays shine to stars representing our 10 executive founders, the other 10 inner supporting stars represent our vice founders.

The ring of 30 stars lining the outer circumference of the logo symbolize our 30 charter members who, along with our 20 founding members, comprise 50 equal size gold stars, denoting the 50 total charter  members who have signed their name to The IDJA Charter. 

The outer ring displays our name; "Indiana Disc Jockey Association LLC" and our motto; "Pride In Professionalism".

The Indiana Disc Jockey Association LLC logo is a copyrighted, registered service mark with the Indiana Secretary Of State's office. 

The primary mission of the Indiana Disc Jockey Association is to establish and maintain a high standard of professionalism, built on a foundation of integrity, for DJs and entertainers in the Indiana Disc Jockey community.

This mission will best be achieved through our DJ Certification program, while providing support, education and business opportunities for our members.

Our secondary mission is to promote cooperation, friendship and networking relationships among our members while elevating our industry.

Bloomington Indiana DJ

The IDJA Charter creates our existence and validates the IDJA as the OFFICIAL DJ Association for the State Of Indiana. Our charter was created by the signatures of our members listed on this document.